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Why Diamond is the Best Rank in Rocket League

dyno_o: As a diamond, i would like to say that we have all improved over time and because of this, we are all still stuck in diamond. A year ago half of us couldn't speed flip, and now every kickoff you see is a speed flip
thatpenguin9889: All the plats be raging rn
CozyP.: Diamond is the best rank.
davidduong8068: The title should have been: Find the only diamond in a tournament of smurfs
Henry_Martin: This is rocket league!
I am gold and 90% of games my teammate leaves within the first 10 seconds when we are down 1 goal due to their mitake or my opponents are 2 time S14 plat tournament winners doing speed flips zap dashes and air dribbles in a gold 2 match
but it's still fun somehow.
This is rocket league!
FonziMGM: This video is an accurate representation of what Diamond looks like in the 1v1 ranked playlist.

One game you'll get someone who is GC in other modes and the next game you'll get someone who just got out of plat.
imWedge: as a diamond i can confirm everyone can speed flip
luka.vuksanovic: This video is the best explanation why I am sill stuck in D3
Zaytezy: that reason why I clicked on this was so real (I'm hardstuck in silver)
yourdailywhopper: that 200 pump
tony4478: balls

May 26 2024

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