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When your teammates are DuoQueueing in Rocket League

jasonwalter5873: Meme of the day in honor of your wedding/ honeymoon...Leth a Beer
Fateless: Best part of solo queueing into a duo is watching them push offensively into the same position as one another to pass the same ball to no one, and then both being back in net together when I finally get a chance to move up and give the easiest center ball in existence.
snekback.: I can see why Karmine Corp failed the qualifiers if Vatira has fallen off like this in the past few weeks.
UsernameWasTakenWasTaken: 2 Seconds with No Views, Leth really fell off
BuzzaB77: Omg I hate 2s pairs in 3s. They might as well play 2v3. I just play far back because neither of them have any intention of rotating and letting you in.
SC2arc88: based on the title, i hate playing 3v3 and get 2 ppl in a party on my team. a lot of them gang up on u for the slightest mistake, and the worst part is when they just want to play 2v2 but have u play goalie the entire game. they also start blaming u for trying to get in plays because they just refuse to rotate back. they need to add a toggle in options to be able to only get solo que teammates.
jasonwalter5873: Make this the top comment for no reason
JustShiloh_: First
snekback.: As a fun suggestion I think it would be neat if you did a rematch against the newer SeerV7.1 bot, since you played the SeerV6 bot in the past. It's much stronger now and it would be fun to see someone who at least understands bots play against it!
ChrisGLPS: Leth new challenge for you: do an Duell with Zen but you have special abilities

May 27 2024

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