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When I accidentally cheated in Rocket League

Ahmed-20005: Looks like the game was on your side for once Jamaican
LEO-ip9bh: Looks like bro has the best gaming chair
thezeroheros: I would not have been surprised if he still missed the open net
canalfarigola: thats one way to win too...
igorchepil5585: Bros dad works for epic games
TheEdanLoki: Coconut awakening his stand
Fall_Craft6627: That is the STRONGEST PC I HAVE EVER SEEN
Bl2ackwhite: They were scared of you
ibrahimfatma3895: "Am i cheating" that's what a hacker would say
THE_Game_Mental: Imagine if you missed as well though, that would be the end of the stream
kRuBe.: Dude. That's actually happened to me before except my tm8 also was laggy and didn't disconnect. I thought I was crazy

May 14 2024

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