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This is what GRAND CHAMP 3 1v1 Players look like in 2024?! Road to SSL EP. 11 Rocket League

brandonganci: leth had to stop his road to ssl. rocket league doesn’t want it anymore
NickTemperistic: Damn I didn't think Squishy was gonna lose in this series
charliecutbirth7690: First guy made squishy sit up in his gaming chair
kevthesage5747: Just when I was thinking if I saw the last episode he drops this one perfect
differentbreed2494: Road to rank #1 in 1v1 for the new season???
AmandaBaker-qy7cr: You've got a unique voice, keep using it to make an impact!
BHGDanL: bro lost to a gc3
sonicthebedbug5506: these games are getting closer and closer score wise
kopassuarahant7369: Thank you so much for all the content Squish. Ill miss the ranked R2SSL series but hopefully I can get in the viewer vids!

Jun 11 2024

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