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This is what GRAND CHAMP 2 1v1 Players look like in 2024?! Road to SSL EP. 10 Rocket League

slushpupppy: That's weird, why would epic care about road to SSL series? It's not like they give a fuck about this game anyway...
synic-007: dude really wanted that sign
bellini9374: Epic could easily make these road to SSL series possible if they wanted to. Big content creators like Squishy reach out to Epic and they make it so players who lose to these road to SSL accounts don't lose MMR. Content creators can keep pumping out content for Epic and players don't feel bad for losing to smurfs.
MrKrabs-rf7mn: Of course Epic wants to ruin both a path of content creation and the fun of their audience. Epic is clearly trying to kill this game.
Sirekraven: Epic worries about the trivial things about the game rather than the imperative core of the game. Really, they care about Road to SSL being unfair for others!
dylan190897: someone get this dude a sign
YoBrand15: For the next series, instead of road to ssl, can you do it differently and analyze each ranks gameplay? People could send in replays of each rank theyre in. You could analyze what they did right and what they could have done better with the skills they currently have, and then maybe the next steps to take, either positionally or mechanically, to rank up.
jackgallagher4146: the same concept exists in online chess. if you face a player on a speedrun account you get the option to decline the matchup, with a message that any mmr lost will be refunded. that's a perfect solution to this particular set of events. epic games seriously shooting themselves in the foot here. massive driver for engagement is what these series are
flintowndancer: " I think he might have known it was me"

Guy comments:

" Great videos, Mariano Arruda, I hope the family is doing all right. I'll see you at the wedding"

Thaaat's awesome.
JustRawFootage: I see the reasoning.. If every content creator or aspiring one tries to do road to SSL series, then smurfing gets more common. The real OGs like Leth and Squishy do it right by carefully using mechs, but others def don't take the same care. Keep killin it squishy. I'll watch the privates for sure.
juriszalite1168: They go out of their way to ask him to do that.YET joining tournament error has been there for 2 years.What a joke
takezero8161: the private match thing seems even cooler

Jun 08 2024

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