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This is what a PLATINUM 1v1 Player looks like in 2024?! Road to SSL EP. 3 Rocket League

christiannunez1717: I’m plat 3 in 1s, no one sits in net and everyone speed flips. I also am never given space like this. I’m always pressured.
dogburpxx5849: Bro is toying with the test subjects
latviankvas: I hate to be that guy, but I'm plat 3 in 1s and absolutely nobody sits in net like that flat footed, they are always ballchasing and pressuring, and, although rare there is the occasional ceiling musty and flip reset.
Reatha-zj2lw: You've got a unique voice, keep using it to make an impact!
Printer_combustible: Ibr about a minute into the video. Squishy was doing stuff my brother can't do, and he's plat 3, but I understand it's hard because of muscle memory. Things like drifting to give your self an competitive advantage and catching the ball in a certain way with your car are things this rank just hasn't picked up yet. However, I don't doubt that these videos aren't useful. There are definitely things you can take from this that will help you rank up.
dannydeko331: I know this series about to be fire
tuskman5399: “That was a really good bad kick off, that was good”
acron7559: You are way too consistent, try kbm.
chainuser1774: Playing 1's is making me realize just how terrible I actually am. I was D3 in 3's 5 years ago and stopped playing. Just started playing again and I dont even think I deserved that rank. Thats why these videos are great.
PIZZARL325: Bro after this you need to do 3v3
rogerthevirgin7592: I have never encountered any plats like this

May 21 2024

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