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This is what a GRAND CHAMP 2 1v1 Player looks like in 2024?! Road to SSL EP. 9 Rocket League

wipp0034: Bro makes a grand champ look like an armless baby lmao to all the people who said he would struggle in champ
imsafe7142: "He went for a flip reset so we'll go for one ourselves" proceeds to triple reset
jairoroductionstudio: Bro skipped GC1
ShannonGraves-ty9vq: You always bring something unique to the table, can't get enough!
erichill1550: I think you uplaoded the wrong video
ChxmpionEXE: Bro he makes everything look so easy
_.imz._1360: Last video you got gc1 now your gc2?????? I think you uploaded the wrong video bro
Ian92999: That fake flip reset was actually peak content
CanadaBeef: The last guy missing simple shots like my c1 ass does makes me feel pretty good about my game.

Jun 03 2024

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