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This is what a GOLD 1v1 Player looks like in 2024?! Road to SSL EP. 2 Rocket League

yohangupta2639: The double backflip was tuff ngl
Revtheoryhellyeah: Big ups to ghosteye for helping squishy demonstrate the jumps. A real pillar of the community
pridehazard2974: “I wanna see if he can aerial”. this shit an experiment lmao
tuckerlamm924: No way you just changed your settings in the middle of the kickoff
Soyboy_Killer: bro really gave a wave dash tutorial mid game
somerandomnon3226: 1 second in 0 views? Off fell bro.
Just_Gl1tch: I love that he's not just clowning on the lower level players and is actually using it as a coaching opportunity
Mmmhaha: bro is really about to use the same title 3x for 20 episodes again lmao
n3rfpho3nix16: Squishy using an SSL decal against golds

May 18 2024

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