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This is what a CHAMP 2 1v1 Player looks like in 2024?! Road to SSL EP. 6 Rocket League

agentallstar7: Respecting him as if he’s a normal player…damn
quota4eva: Got this video on every screen at my local Best Buy right now
Aiotex: ikehub finna flip after watching dis vid
Yomommacrash14: Love the breakdown on what people are doing wrong and making it a learning experience for everyone to take notes on. Keep the videos coming!
chainuser1774: Its hilarious how easy Squishy makes beating Champs look. Its like hes not even trying. But here I am trying to copy his strats but get destroyed.
srkleyq: bros casually turning champs into lessons lmaooo
JoelonCrypto: New series idea: coach a gold player to champ. It would be banger content.

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Troublesome_96: Where’s the guy that said Squishy was going to lose in c2? Lmao
camdenshirey5918: I like how you demonstrated a “bad air dribble” when if I hit that in a game I’d be thrilled
yesitsfuurou: "XxDrMuffinatorxX" is corrupted. You need to rename
MFJACH: I understand the simplicity you preach in these videos, but as someone around these ranks I try to do the things you label as a poor play because I'm not just trying to rank up, I'm trying to improve mechanically as well as my game sense. Going for these all in risky plays may result in a loss, but it teaches me what I can and can't do, how to recover from plays like that, and how to improve on the plays in the future. But I really do appreciate the approach you take in these videos.

May 30 2024

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