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The FORBIDDEN Rocket League mechanic.

ignDart: purple shots do actually exist as a freestyle shot, where you backflip cancel at a very precise angle under the ball to pop it up
Devas_RL: Oh! I didn't expect you to play this one! I actually found out how to make the Ball do this when I was messing around with Cosmic Roadway 1 & 2. Glad to see you had fun Leth and Company!
pedestriian9773: the fact that they didn't call it Pocket League is criminal
eliaspohl5741: This ball looks like it drank too much
eliaspohl5741: Imagine being against rapid in a breakout in this map
Heatbros22: What about the gold shot
When you flip and hit the ball with your butt at the same time?
XMTDCMA: The purple shot does exist in Rocket League as Leogaben has proven us.
radstafff: purple shot actually exists in rl lol, you need to backflip and cancel the flip in a way that the ball goes up

Jun 09 2024

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