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That time I got FIRST ROUNDED in MY OWN Rocket League Tournament

addudeplayz: predicting jort was insane
RocketL3agu3: This is the beginning of Jorts villain arc
iamdivan7368: The audacity of your first actual words in the video being "well, if I win the whole thing let's make it a bit harder for me and do it again. And if I win then, then let's do something different too" followed by immediate loss in the first round (twice) was just iconic
dogtiredguitars: Leth's usually so low key, so hearing him practically frantic and unhinged during most of this video is pure gold.
DeadATron14XD: This was actually really fun to watch, and I died when you were up against your own mod lol
TADPOLE: we dont talk about leth2 and leth3
gruhnd9711: I see my original 1v1 did something
ThatOneGuy_lmao: One of your best vids lately in my opinion, 10/10!

May 31 2024

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