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Rocket League Season 15 Launch Trailer PS5 PS4 Games

4irp: Give us a PS5 version
tomjames9681: That Nissan Fairlady Z better come to Fortnite
hoc68plays: wow so much new content
ConnorHavok: Why does this game always get listed as a PS5 game dispite it having no ps5 version ? No other game does this
Dillorian: No way people still play rocket league
CertifiedMVP: people get excited to this?
no new game modes no cool cars, NOTHING.
midoustyles2610: Do something new
vigi1antvort3x41: How much longer are they gonna milk this game?
Noa-ls8ij: Amazeming
bickleyjonas6145: PS7 version?

Jun 10 2024

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