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Rocket League Season 15 Enter the Fun, Fret, and Fray of Salty Fest!

Be_sweet455-UwU-: Season 15 has to be a trade
Matt_the_W: It’s hard to get excited for any of this anymore
alkazis2574: This is soooo mid
Matt_the_W: Nice to release the trailer after the seasons already out.. like a repeat of season 13 smh
Nxhtx: Anyone notice the ‘Daniel Shot’ in that last bit of the trailer?
Legomaster87544: When trades be back? Plz!!!
A_paper: at least they made a cinematic this time unlike last time
Icetea_mit_Sahne: Bring back Trading and stop give us non sense
Freexis.: Trailer is so early it’s almost unbelievable
marsh3962: Wish we could get a map that wasnt reskinned
Bxelz: Still no trading.
mazaremusic: Trailer anthem provided by me and Dead Pony!
Xandar: Nice, they added grass... Again
Squidfish77: Despite the controversy and such these trailers are always very well done.
Scleroderma609: Fortnite!! Don't be shocked when they start playing it in their Top ten again?
Epic Game of Tomorrow's
lukeytavares7128: No trading? no money. I even forgot this ass game exist.
BatteryRL: Ah yes another map that totally isnt just another map we already have with grass added to it.

Jun 06 2024

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