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Rocket League is broken..

radiationgeneration4006: Ah yes 1v1 where you have ddos central, smurf station and sweaty ballers
KDXTY: RL needs to fix this
teyleen: Every single game is so laggy for me past two weeks
z34rk79: Zero views in 35 seconds and the only Comment, siiiiick ..... oh it just updated to 2 other comments haha
R4_bruh: Rl is a lot more than just broken…
TheJaronman: Hm, I'm surprised you didnt try the overtime strat in the second ddoser game
treasureboxgaming7109: Wait, was I not being trolled on the RLCS grind?
alexsenchiu4724: Man, do I love your upload consistency
BoBowieK: There is no way leth only has 1.37 mil my guy should have way more
foxtrot2320: Apparently you just need to not goal until 0 seconds to counter the ddossers
angrylamb84: Leth vs appjack would be a fun watch

Jun 09 2024

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