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Rocket League in Minecraft with REAL PHYSICS is INSANE

integercyclolcyc: the crossover that we all wanted
Qusic: Sethamyr wasn’t the crossover I expected but it was the crossover I needed
slipperynodd578: I haven't heard that name in years, holy shit. I used to watch Sethbling so much
owfi: "That's gotta go waterfall"
In this game made of cubes
seandeefromthechi8118: Rocket league. I mean blocket league
djred524: Dude SethBling brings back so much nostalgia
KamiFrost99: We got Rocket League in Minecraft with real physics before GTA 6...
SpecDec: Sethbling has always made me think of Leth when I've watched him and literally was just watching him not too long ago with his Minecraft tetherball and was thinking about Leth. Surreal this crossover happened!
CamSki_: I watched sethbling’s video and was waiting for you to upload your pov. This was awesome to watch!
NaturallyGreasy: Lol I loved how Flitz brought out the banter from JG lol
Cheeselord22x: This is the most unexpected crossover on ur channel like what?? Two of my most loved masterminds on the same field. Not to mention two of my favourite games too!!

May 12 2024

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