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Rocket League, but we're in COMPLETE DARKNESS

alaminahmed4414: Monty sounds like a Walmart arsenal
direpants8839: Frank has the rotations of a McChicken LMAO
saqre913: The last game is the only thing ball chasers see
johansenburg1623: I would love to see a replay of the last game on a lit up field. Seeing how ridiculous they all look would be hilarious.
juelz3451: This whole video is a great metaphor for the state of the game
joe_dirte05: This would be a great prank map if only one person was in darkness and they didn't know everyone else could see
jomanji1732: I absolutely love this concept. I feel like I would have a lot of fun with this as a game mode.
TonytheEE: You should 1v1 Rapid on the last map for ultimate confusion. If he mentions smelling toast, maybe call it off.
claireyeets: this monty guy locked in lowkey
JoyBagle: Babe, wake up Leth posted
MTG817: An alternate title could be: rocket league but my friends and I have plat-vision
Zunip182: Zurx, thats lights off remark was great. No respect, no respect
Alpheoo: Imagine, a map 3x bigger than standard, with a floor that lights up when the ball touches it. Everything else is pitch black.

May 10 2024

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