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Rocket League, but every game the field gets BOUNCIER

brentwalley6586: don't watch the bouncy castle part with your eyes closed. lol
MarakViri: Nah. You need to pair this with either Unlimited Flips or some kind of flip cooldown (reset your flip every 5 seconds). Then it can be a game mode
HalyconSolace: Yet another Leth and Rapid video that cant be listened to in public lmao
zZeimos: My tm8s every game when they have boost:
kendallwatson3638: "This should be a game mode."
Unfortunately, Epic doesn't believe in having fun.
jeremythrelkeld8534: Boot only rumble would be evil in this mode... maybe next time?
angelinawilliams4505: Hello, you should bring back the old intro for every single video
DynamiKobra: Hey Leth, in the private game menu where it mentions team size and game mode and stuff, there’s a new boomer game mode and a weird beach ball curve one
GanderBeam: 2s in the video
MG-dm2ji: "go in go innnnn" "noo please take it outtt"
aleximarie8958: I feel like the bouncy castle big bounce would be great for learning aerials lols

Jun 11 2024

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