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Rocket League bots did THIS to 2000 MMR players Jessie Fruity vs Seer

Cbot_205: Glad to see that those two bots are getting to play the two hottest prodigies in the scene right now
the-method81: Feer vs JohnnyBoi 1v1 Showmatch- AppJack commentary
Alex-hk3dj: I love the lore of Jessie having to plug in his keyboard every time he talks.
ReverseFlash23: This is like when Garry Kasparov took on Deep Blue in Chess in 1996 and won. Then, in 1997 he lost, and from there it was OVER. Humans have ZERO chance against the best bots in Chess.

I know Fruity & Jessie are not the Garry Kasparov’s of RL - but we are seeing the Chess equivalent of computers dominating humans in RL happen in real time.

Once these bots learn to dodge demos, defend against double resets, double/triple taps, ceiling pinch doubles etc. it’s over
snekback.: These games and the post game interview were absolutely hilarious
AbrasiveCarl: I normally don't like watching 2v2 compared to 1v1 but these videos are hilarious thanks Johnny
Lifted_13chevy: Really wish the bots had quick chat for this series. Jessie would be in shambles
mory3849: RW9 and kileeers?!!
marklarz4399: Pffft, we all know Turbo is playing behind these "bots"
jj2hostetler108: Saying F off to a bot is peak RL depression
UltrawideGC: That was fun!
matthewwolcott5984: This series was absolutely hilarious and Johnnyboi's commentary has grown to legendary level
GregTurismo: 32 minutes cannot be a good sign
h20dancing18: See if anyone who won wants a rematch with the new one
tradersblankers2931: I would love to see a game of Seer vs Seer, absolute peak rocket league gameplay at this point.
oGangir: Watching Seer beat these bots is amazing

May 29 2024

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