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Retired Rocket League pro vs. Rise Vatira

Tyler.McGrath: Thanks for the only K-Corp gameplay I will see this weekend.
lucidspoon2021: I think these are the sweatiest comms I’ve ever heard from Leth.
silphra_: your ability to match your teammate’s playstyle is truly insane. You get in a match with flitz, stizzy, arsenal, or literally anyone else. actually incredible dude
Cheeselord22x: Leth how are you able to compete with THE BEST of the best who literally grind the game like their lives depend on it while also having retired ages ago and only play the game casually for the most part and you're married i mean like bruh you're supposed to be old and slow
AthleticsEditz: Stizzy is LITERALLY Mr Savage in terms of looks don't argue with me.
SA80TAGE: Leth in NA lobbies: chilling shooting the breeze getting the win easy.
Leth in EU lobbies: 100% locked in hard comms XD
thesaltedone6922: Love seeing Leth being able to play some of the best players in the world. Let's goooo
blobdood4128: Finally we get to see leths true form after a while
EvanMorehouse-br3ut: can i see a, "its fine" counter

The_Sports_Goat: before 1 hour gang

gijjosrs: leth is seriously a force of nature in this game. he is inevitable. leth its incredible how you play around whatever teammate youre with. your game IQ is ridiculous
kingbling6695: listening to high lvl Rl comms is either like listening to a forign language or gibberish but somehow we all understand haha

May 23 2024

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