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my rocket league workout routine

unmaxable00: Bro forgot the “I’m lagging” workout.
LamborghiniLegends: Usually I just hop into ranked ones and rage
Mighty__gamer1515: My fav is what a save spams

It is a good thumb exercise
avalon_0581: damn you got jacked, good job gamer
TheGaara802: His biceps are low key big especially for a pro gamer
geckoman2435: Musty runs like a cartoon character
demitheparasite: His biceps actually look good nice one musty!
Mighty__gamer1515: Nice
JR_BRiCKS25: Man I’ve been looking for a good workout routine lately. Thanks for showing this one!!!
Offical_.RobloxCorps: Bro forgot to do the "I forfeit" from workouts.
user-bk9if3mw2h: he looks so different in the second one

May 23 2024

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