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I have achieved nirvana in Rocket League.

DawnTTV: “4 mins and 30 views coco fell off”
Thatguyeesah: W vid
spinoz1017: Are u ever gonna switch to fennec (im a dominus player)
JaneLesterJanie: Nice video
jayy-_-2262: Coco at 2042 twos mmr niceee
spinoz1017: Not going for any double resets and mustys 1 min later goes for double reset
colinmaclean: Praise be the Coco for the consistent uploads
vicke2238: I genuinely love consistent content creators that I can rely on every day for an upload. Keep it up GOAT COCO
Br1Vn: Most satisfying video I watched
elake_yt: W coco

Jun 02 2024

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