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I Got COACHED by ApparentlyJack in ROCKET LEAGUE

hiposanco6884: if a pro cant help you rank up then its joever
Kaiokamii_: "Nice Pass Jo"
- ApparentlyJack 2024
jeltedejong3136: Jack is so funny, Hes a great gentleman
JoshWalker-dq9yr: Jack maulding like every other second is the best part of the video
slideshowful: " I was gc3 then i discovered life" lmfao. accurate
BobbyFatt95: Jack's so funny in these videos
pa5530: That was very fun, honestly jack’s comments are top tier. Ggs to both
NotUnicornSZN: swear jack is more stressed about this than his rlcs games
bsplush8267: Aw jack is such a good bf for you jordys

May 23 2024

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