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Henk Highlights 27 SSL Rocket League Highlights.

prodbyjdn6752: This guy is actually not human. These shots are genuinely absurd
9ozNoodle: I swear I'll get on a binge with your highlight videos and its always within 1 week of you uploading a new one.

Never fails to impress. Keep it up!
PulseKairyu: bro is back better than ever holy
TsStefanos: Always a treat watching your highlights Henk! Good music, good edits and clips that speak for themselves! Same vibes as your streams!
adrahotlebelliqueux437: I saw your post about lacking motivation etc., keep grinding, you're goated
SimplyTiffany2009: Woooooow that was amazing!
JoelR574: Underrated.
Nironx: Another banger
PizzaBrawlStars: The goat
UsuallyRetr0: I cant believe that this man dont get the recognition that he deserves... Like how he dont have more than 86k subs. Im always so amazed by his videos.

May 22 2024

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