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Grand Champ in Rocket League is

GamestaMechanic: do u dboo?
lsp_showtek891: I dboo, do you dboo. Love it
Appleoverdose274: GrandChamp.mp4
UralDurak: I just found out boost respawn time is 10 seconds... I've been playing since 2015.
captaindutch2490: LETH! I just hit GC for the first time in several seasons because of your road to SSL series. I stopped making dumb decisions and started reacting better to my teammates. Thank you for all your help!
JaxonSanders28: First I’m 0 every like this comment gets I grow 1 year how old am I?
JohnWick-mc7iw: just letting them touch these balls is crazy lmao
riosjuanpe: We all dboo in this blessed day

May 30 2024

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