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Everything that you NEED to know for Season 15 of Rocket League

stqckin5615: Blink if you are being held at gunpoint Coco
Muhsterd: I thought you were just going to have complete silence for 47 seconds.
Messed-up-monkey: “In my opinion” bro is being held hostage
nhazen34: is rl holding him at gunpoint?
lennysketch5844: They removed dropshot
Sheamu5: Nice to see them add things beside cosmetics. The different demo noise will be nice.
Zyphr_official: How much are they paying him???
TinyTom1995: Missed the biggest part of the update! We finally got another Merc hitbox!
djhlsmusic: Get that bag Coco
Mahathir_Im_insane: The map looks clean af.
drxzzyg: The new cars are sick, my all time favorites

Jun 08 2024

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