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Dark vs Atow Rocket League 1v1 Showmatch

Thunderpjotr: I'll do one pull up for every like this gets
the-method81: Feer vs JohnnyBoi 1v1 Showmatch- AppJack commentary
scepterlit: Finally, we get some more DARK!
takezero8161: any combination of atow,dark,NWPO,zen would be extremly fun to watch especialy zen vs dark, zen will win by a mile but still fun to watch
SkyeEyeSightings: The twitch chat is just fucking toxic, geez lol. gg from both.
iplayCoDandBF: Bold prediction: dark bouta get clapped

He did a lot better than I thought he would tho
IOSALive: Feer, Wow, this made my day brighter! Thank you!
JoelTGM: Holy crap I was just sitting around bored and this match pops up!!!!
SimplyTiffany2009: well done Darkypoo! you did better than i expected
opcomment: Amazing matchup between the mechy masters . Thank you feeer

May 27 2024

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