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Dark? s BEST Rocket League Clips. Mechanical GOD

marjitdasgupta3465: breh these clips aint it man dark has way better ones
julianschutzmann: It’s an Arsenal reset not a Mizureset
Bingusrl: “Guy like me, I’m a rat I’m keeping it in the corner”
prada_rl: backflip resets are called muiri resets NOT MAKTUF
9eeR_RL: world of warships ad pops up
wenjunchen7909: glazing to the next level
davidkosiba624: Funny thing is that he scored some even crazier goal than these (Even in RLCS before some hater says he can't do it in RLCS, yes he can as he showed in the recent MENA regional)
DudeWhot: The Fennec on the mountain
aidenlopez5857: Anyone here in 2024

May 21 2024

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