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Can Plat Rocket League players Ceiling Shot?

dogetothemoon9940: As a Plat I can confirm that I can ceiling shot ez these plats aren't real freestylers
Lilbroke-zq8yw: Bro ong I was a gold 3 but I could do a ceiling shot musty but I couldn’t get to plat cause I was so shit
fishk1t: I’m diamond and I can double flip reset
Draganix: when i was plat i could hit easy ceiling shots, but its cause i only freestyled in freeplay and i had trash gamesense and stuff so i couldnt hit diamond. that was a while ago tho im champ now
CharlieMills-tc9fh: M not lying I'm plat 3 and I can muri reset flip reset air dribble and more can I be in your vid the reason I'm not champ is because I get rubbish teammates that own goal every match
user-rt4wq2zs3z: Im gold and I can be SSL
justAwaffle401: uuest really calling out us plats lmao.
plats right here

bombarado6852: Im a much lower to the ground type freestyling plat rn, for most my ceiling stuff i take game made setups. Im a good freestyler though i not good at setting up my stuff from a dead ball
Dominic-qy7qh: I’m good III and I’m a freestyler and I can ceiling ground pinch and ceiling musty, my top 5 fastest ground pinches are 165, 164, 162, 156, 154 and that’s it, but I also have a 147 ground pinch (this is in kph)
user-sj6wb1km9n: On god when I was plat I was scoring double resets with a musty

May 23 2024

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