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Almost at SSL 2 in Rocket League

bharatsinghal8685: Bro is edging us to wait for next video
sattpaingzayar: 1 min no views blud really lost attention
Javier-jp2oe: Hi coco, love your vids!!! Keep going! Also, learning to ground pinch would be an amazing video
LamborghiniLegends: Bro should definitely go for ssl 3
MrNutterButter123: Not even joking but that SSL logo on the thumbnail looks insane. Some of the rank logos could use a bit of a rebrand in my opinion
guerollamas-rh8ec: Love your vidsss coco keep up the good work the buds are always great
Froxztyy: Nice
hoodiewearer_: top 20
user-ft4ks4kv9t: W vid so far
Jxker-Official: Oooof

May 11 2024

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