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5 More Tips for Faster Rocket League Recoveries

alfredstougaard4280: Finally the zen of coaching posted
sirsulley8110: Bruh!!! I feel like I just heard from an old friend after way too long! happy tears
bltsammich9760: Thank you for addressing the #1 request from everyone regarding training packs: How to execute each shot!
RocketInsight: Isn't the first one called the Mawkzy recovery? I'm sure it was coined after him but I could be wrong. Great video regardless!
Jakeremolacho: Bro I needed this so much thank u
dseych: Virge I've been learning from your vids for years. Thank you for all the content. I've even qued against you a few times! Dude you don't know how refreshing it is to hear someone else admit they're too old to press the jump button fast enough to wall dash loll. Def I'll be checking out the links
Bolbi_: Great video! I already do a couple of these but definitely need to add zapdashing and wall dashing into my game.
notcrxfty: Thanks for telling me how to do that preflip onto the wall!!! I've been trying to work out how to do it for ages but I couldn't figure out the name
FrZifowk: Your thumbnails got better!
coolcole93333: Awesome video, thank you Mr Virge

May 31 2024

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