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39 seconds of rocket league genius

FLOW1EDITZZZ: "Your welcome"- Octane Gods
Mortreex3234: Bro got blessed by the Octane gods
LEO-ip9bh: The gaming chair is wild
user-qv3ld2qh9i: At first he was like nahctane and now he's like awwwctane
pastorslant: Rocket League was like, "Nah, stick with octane. Trust."
stinkinlinclon: Rl really said get what you get don’t throw a fit
PursuitRL: Isn’t zyoki the guy you hit ssl against? And he’s in that game
LocalA320neo: Bros munching on his controller I swear
MG_Klamp: Car ball vroom vroom
Fuskull: I can feel the controller screaming
XXXThijmenEdits: Bro is still crazy

Jun 06 2024

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