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What Diablo 4 NEEDS to learn from Path of Exile

Sejend: -> "I've been playing a bunch of Path of Exile since last year."
-> "Gamba is King"

hahahahhaa this guy
yuriwachsmuth1965: They heard you say "Gamba is king." and immediately stopped watching. They're 100% implementing P2W lootboxes as per your advice.
ThirteenEra: Diablo already had a properly working model. It was called Diablo 3.
Shit at release, really good towards its end (and now).

But alas, they discarded every lesson learned with it, and started from scratch.
NezeruGaming: I feel like I've watched this exact video before.. except about WoW needing to learn from other MMOs like FFXIV and Guild Wars 2.
OldGoat-cw8he: I don't care how much gambling addiction they add, because the items that you are gambling for are forgettable and bland. You can't have the addict dopamine rush if their is nothing worth having. The game is a large puddle that is wide and covers lots of surface but has a 1 inch depth.
aladorn: i hope GGG will continue do a good job with POE... diablo if is dead i dont care....
simrock_: All good points, but at least in regards to bosses they've kinda shot themselves in the foot. D4 is very story driven, and I don't believe I have seen anyone ever complain about the quality of main story quest. So you at least have some context on who is who and why you're fighting them, because let's be honest, without reading the lore document who even is Elder, Shaper and Sirus? With that same involvement comes that you can't make those bosses too hard or involved otherwise people will come crying to the forums "story too hard" and "why do we need to farm for a hundred hours just to finish the story". PoE has the inverse problem, the fights are cool and nice and hard, but when you're done you kinda go "who did I just kill?" "why were you important enough to be given X loot?".
There's also the variety thing, whereas in D4 everything has to at least be able to do every content, PoE does have ultra high investment uber killers with 6 portal defense that just straight up die whenever they walk into a normal T16 as well as builds that are great in maps but lack so much single target DPS to make them unusable for almost any kind of bossing.

// Edit: Regarding your last point, I'm gonna argue that it's most likely a lack of trust internally in the developers. For one, formerly ActiBlizz is a massive machine, or heap of scraps depending on your personal beliefs, with dozens of departments that have something to say on any deployment. I'd bet my lunch there's some sales and marketing dude that managed to blame the devs for their own f-ups so often that now everything needs to be approved by his department as well, and that times 5 or more. But testing has to be planned, they've got work to do as well, yada yada. That stretches a 60 minute fix into a multi-week process. Whereas I imagine at GGG it's more like, "Ah, crap, lemme fix that. Hey guys can someone review that real quick and hop on the test server to test that with me?" followed by a deployment shortly after, it might break something, but the fix for that is gonna be quick as well.
CoalCoalJames: I hate that even though there are thousands of people giving honest and constructive ideas / feed back, that blizzard is just going to ignore most all of it.

The ship is to big, the command chain to vast... they could not correct coarse even if they wanted to with such a delay in their responsiveness.
Senettino: And.... what ABOUT VICE-VERSA? What GGG could learn from D4 in developing process of POE2?
albtroll5812: There is no way Activision Blizzard has the same discipline that GGG has, to not monetize the high reward Gamba mechanics.
Dinostra: While i agree with everything said in the video, my biggest gripe is build variety and depth. D4 feels like a puddle when it comes to diverse builds, you have a two or three meta builds and everything else is manageable fluff. But for every build there are no wiggle room to build around strange weird spells or skills. It feels like they don't want you to be able to play your own way, build your own build that is viable.
So your build is on rails, and you chase minute increases in gear scores immediately after the campaign, you start a grind there towards being geared to do ubers. There is just a stretch of grind, nothing else until you can do it. And while the core gameplay loop is fine, it's too slow between action and dumping items and so on. The design of the towns and cities, the distance from vendors, stash and portal is just too far. It feels slow and sluggish and awkward to run back and forth, especially when the attribute system is so shallow in what you can get on items that scale your build.

Unfortunately i think ActiBliz has burned the bridge with this D4 for me, it was the safest, blandest arpg release i can remember, even games like torchlight, grim dawn, victor vran, shadows: awakening have taken bigger risks and they are all better gear and item systems than D4 in my opinion. And build variety.
So i will keep playing D2 LoD and PoE, but i can't honestly let Blizzard use my money for the next safe, barebones game they have in the pipeline.

May 11 2024

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