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THE TANKIEST Build in 3.24! - Endgame Transcendence Armour Stacker Overview - Path of Exile 3.24

PlayerSalt: I normally just stack max portals taken to 6 and call it a day :^) , great stuff
antony2868: - How many mirrors do I need for this build?
- Yes!
doomzx8284: I don't understand why are people mad on Bigdaddy for this video in the comments? Are people not allowed to make an "OVERVIEW" video just to show what is possible to do? He is all about ARMOUR STACKING, and that archetype is very expensive, that's a known fact...he covered budget versions this league for people who would like to try to get into it with lower budgets as well, personally I would be curious to see this video if I was playing on the budget and I'd have something to look forward...The main reason I even play this type of build is because it never ends, you can always improve it and invest into it, so it keeps me going. People should not be so aggressive in the comments about videos like this, it doesn't say "CHEAP" or "FOR YOU" to bait u into clicking it, it's about showing what is possible, try to understand that. To me the video is 10/10
JohnDoe-cl2rx: I gonna league start with this thanks.
davidarbour2683: Yesterday i saw someone (scion) who can tank my 10Billion dps in standard. A scion with crucible aegis shield, helmet and body armor with the phys, chaos converted. Truly amazed about scion tankyness. Good job on your video.
GhostLofts: i known this guy before he was famous, man have you grown!
arikz2851: i wish u can make a video explaining how u generate so much currency to afford this build.
ThanhButa: also the most expensive build
ukdnbmarsh: Few days ago I RNG hit from 3 sets of Curios probably one the most Insane Utmosts in the game, 22% suppress, 5% max all res, 38% attack and cast speed and 19% ele pen
purple4395: To be fair to the comparisons in the start: You have Molten Shell active. That nearly doubles your max hit taken.
rodrigoalbuquerque7230: Please make a video about how you make your currency at the start of the league and what your preferred mechanics and items to craft/corrupt are. Loving the great content

May 07 2024

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