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The Shocking State of PoE 3.24 Necropolis League

ersanyzn4356: The corpses UI popping in your map that blocks you to pick up some items is the most annoying thing this league.
Ghaleon: I confess that Im just ignoring the mechanic, but still having a lot of fun.
KALClFER: Let’s put it this way…I casually played archnemesis till the last week. Necropolis…I did 3 days and went back to playing bench ssf ruthless casually playing my 1-2 hours daily. I want to play and kill stuff plain and simple, I don’t want to craft in a league that requires excel sheets and stopping the action and not being able to turn the mechanic on and off is a huge turn off for me.
andrewtudor01: The main problem with the league is not even the necroplis mechanic itself (which most players skip anyway), it is the changes to the base game:

- T17 maps have even more screen clutter than fully juiced T16s and some are borderline unplayable, instead of being more challenging
-Too many scarabs to pick up, basically the most click intensive league overall
-Allflame currency drops do not stack, which is insane in a league where they pushed so many QOL changes
dreamcore_gg: 3.25 news soon
jannol1269: The biggest issue is that they broke the base game.
The scarabs force you into 1 league which gets boring fast.
Dragynn999: I must confess... the game felt like work and then I just stopped caring. I just am not interested in crafting and so it is almost like all the other crafting leagues that just had me stop after a few days. Never was able to warm up to crafting completely and feel like I have no reason to interact with a crafting league. I just have no will to "waste" my time learning an archaic and random system like that. Of course it would help me in future leagues but it just is so mindnumbingly unintuitive and fruitless.... I rather learn actual skills.

I feel like I have already missed the cool exploits and chances to build a great character and that is extremely demotivating.
It sucks that it feels like I "missed the fun".

I want the challenge rewards, but... no. There will be other rewards in future leagues and I have no interest in returning to the game right now.
TheRomanoLV: I'm on some extreme hopium that they will not extend the league.. For the love of god ggg
ChrisWhiton: I like your background music choice but it's very distracting from your voice. Maybe it would be better at about 50% of its current volume?
SchizoLifter01: the mechanic is such a drag, i just wish there was a league that rewarded you with good items by actually PLAYING the game and killing stuff rather than having to craft. I'm not a craft enjoyer
edwardtan7283: Graveyard crafting is 12 hours of pain with 30 seconds of joy if you're lucky. And those joy will soon convert to 50-100 divines...

May 30 2024

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