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THE Chieftain Armour Stacker Build Guide! - Path of Exile 3.24

Gid-J: Too much restating the jugg comparison, not enough time comparing to scion for power/cost.
nagazeki: Amazing video! Thanks for that. Looking forward to the pathfinder one!
firechaoscara: I was done with the league and voided my scion a couple days ago, thank god i still have a mirror and couple mb to sell, cause youre making me want to go back and try the chieftain version now
Thank you lol
GhostPepper233: Yeah, that HH teleporting buff is a pain and can get you killed.
jamessullivan1970: finally. i was waiting for this.
generationxpvp: I played your Scion version last league, I went SS trickster this league thinking there would be no way I could afford another stacker lol. Man was I wrong. I’m gonna try this version out…you make following along so intuitive. Thanks again!
lesionsl2718: it’s crazy your wealth of knowledge on this build, been playing spark / forbidden rite this league i just love watching how u make characters
fafnirpitchblack1125: would love to try a armour stacker for a very tight budget i have 100div what variant should i try?
unknownexile7956: Im trying to start it on ssf as end game goal in standard any idea what i should try to get from gravecraft this league? I think i'll go with any class that's easiest to get start
igutierrezd91: for the double overcap grasping mail, it's just vendoring rings or there is another way?

May 12 2024

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