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The BEST New Clear Skill in Path of Exile

CaptainLance9: I think aero from the future is way cooler than normal aero
genocidegrand2057: he lied he is not online right after this video!!
Omisid: Such a cool interaction, great find
ryan17stehle: Path of Exile... the only game where you need a masters degree in physics and geometry to play a build like this.
markusshoggu: ice shot will always have a place in my heart. after many many leagues of not playing it, i tried the transfigured version this league. it was just a gem swap with my LA build and on paper i had surprisingly much more DPS.. but after playing it a bit, the visuals were too much for me. hard to see anything. im sensitive to these sort of things. that said, this interaction is a great find and looks really strong. good vid thanks for sharing
Tdiehl717: Another build guide that tells me I can’t theory craft stuff on my own. You guys are big brain AF
Macdaddy8124U: Loved this video because of the interaction with another person's findings, giving them the credit, and Aero's ability to work things out to make it epic! Kept me interested
B4K4157: This sort of stuff is peak PoE building
Juhheli: All these cones youd think its a drivers license test :D waiting for the build vid!
Travic_: Not actually first but actually first kek

May 14 2024

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