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Ritual with full Scarabs for Adorned Jewels, Synth Bases More Path of Exile 3.24

wudude3545: Loving these types of videos! Would love more ssf style farming strategies, especially for things like scarabs/maps before you have t17 gear.
leonass305: Better off to run those on Glacier map, if ritual happen to spawn on arena there are like 10 unique small goats and the boss itself. Those maps have a fuckton of tribute. Also great idea to use a vessel on that altar to fight those on future maps.
xXVintersorgXx: Courtyard or courthouse or whatever it's called is a good multi boss map
diddykangable: all i can say about ritual is (hopefully after they stop giving us leagues where you can just copy paste 6 t1 items off of craft of exile into the game) still be sure to check the rares even if they're blocked by your filter because they can still drop pretty crazily rolled once in a while and a good amount of filters wont show it.
CptKurtKernel: Love getting any and all ssf strat vids from you. Keep it up! Great stuff
yotoyloko: I would recommend checking on fractured bows and quivers because a 1 proyectile is good money. I got one this league.
tuppan3678: I think I did it with double abundance some weeks ago. Will try with 2 selectiveness if I need more ritual this league. Thanks for the info!
bradbrad090: more Poe contenttttttt (plz)
taiwanisacountry: I am using necropolis for my ilvl 86 ritual base items. I am using ritual for synth items
jpxff: be careful with filtered items on ritual, you can miss a lot of good stuff

May 30 2024

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