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Randomized Build vs. Path of Exile End Game The Build Roulette Challenge!

RobertOkadar: I can only say - respect. Following you for a few years now and you still manage to surprise how knowledgeable and resourceful you are. You just dare to do what most players would not even think of it.
SunslayerJenkins: This was sick and a video series could be very fun to watch where you just do random builds from your randomizer.
Oogtug: Dang, lots of work put into this website and stuff, thanks for all the effort for the community mate!
terryl5105: This is such a flex on so many levels, nice one subbed.
aayushs8128: I followed your holy relic version and got all challenges done myself. First time killed ├╝ber bosses. I eventually made tweaks to what suited me the best but your outline and guide was so helpful. You sir are amazing and thank you, thank you for the content.
joetachi: Thanks for the randomizer sometimes im in the middle of a league not knowing what to do but wanting to do something dumb.
BoredFilthyPig: Absolute legend.
jackotoole6507: Its content like that revitalises my love for poe. its so much fun seeing non-meta builds being used and made work for fun.
dalexa: Like I like to say to my friends, any skill works well enough as long as you fork good currency in the gear. Of course that there are lots of skills that work much better than others but all will work for you as long as you like the play style of them... rages at blade vortex way of casting
karasuu_8135: Builds roulette is back !! thats so big, these are really my favorite type of poe video by far ! keep up the great work !
jermstuddog: Asmo over here making Frozen Legion look OP...

Jun 07 2024

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