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PoE The deadliest Grandmaster GGNoobs_III Stream Highlights 849

jusfab9897: At this point just make a GGNoobSquad with aura/cursebots, pretty sure Márkusz can cook a cursed interaction with 3 tokens.
EAXJ: Sir a third GG Noobs has hit the Hall of Grandmasters
blublu_: Unstoppable Force (GGNoobs 3) vs. Immovable Object (GGNoobs 2)
simonliljestam1828: I was never able to do this map, when they add these im permamently removing that map from lootfilter.
mrdarkenman56: surprised no one tried scorching ray totems/non-hit based cold DoT - counters recoup, block, spell supression etc.
Anadune0903: w8 was there ever a video to GGnoobs2? O_o
Epezillax: Imagine going into HoGM and facing off against all GGNoobs
1990erre: Fridge 7 hi twitch chat
Neero_90: glad you could educate people on the node called Chaos Inoculation :)
jayw3688: I need the POB for the totem guy LOL

Jun 05 2024

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