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POE The Adorned: Endgame Unique Deep Dives episode 1 - Path of Exile - posted during 3.24 Necropolis

EiJoYuJo: This is where it all began for me end game unique items and I love that you've went back to these thanks so very much!!!
CuteDog_: FIRST
ericboldger777: I swear I learn more in your videos than scouring the wiki for hours. Excited for the new series.
dalwand: N1, looking forward to rest of series.
How was private league? Will you recap video on it?(Like, how was economy different?)
dokken63: Adorned is so good, i think its detrimental to the game
GE_Photon_Lord: I feel like adorned is genuinely overhyped. People keep using it for all builds, when in reality is worse than using rare jewels with good clusters.

For example, I took all cold dot pobs from ninja and swapped the adorned setup and I always got way more damage. The only advantage adorned has realistically is that it gives a large ES pool, which is overkill in most cases anyway. And the corruptions you get are most of the time meaningless (example: reservation is fixed already with good gear).

However, for a lancing steel trickster build, adorned is bis, since stacking ES gives you damage with ephemeral edge. So yeah, for that build I have no comment. For crit's probably bis too most likely. Also the corruptions here matter, since these builds can't put mana reservation on gear like a dot build, so adorned has even more value.

For my dot builds, this is the tierlist: meh jewels < adorned ^
NOTE: I compared gg rare jewels with gg adorned jewels and 150% adorned. If adorned is at 138%ish it becomes way way worse.
ballisticus1: The adorned is so far beyond my scrub skill level, but i am gobsmacked to learn there are unique vaal side areas. Playing on-and-off since breach--TIL...
TheDJEON: Adorned is too powerful as it stands. Far too many builds follow a path of budget -> mid investment -> high investment -> adorned. I love the design of the item, but I think it would be far healthier if it didn't work with cluster jewels. It didn't work with them when originally released and it was still a good item.
llucioo: the stuff about vaal side areas i did't know at all!!
I'm so happy i decided to watch this video anyway!

May 14 2024

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