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POE Taste Of Hate Endgame Unique Deep Dives ep 2 Path of Exile posted during 3.24 Necropolis

HenriHakl: New Keystone: Stone Heart - 20% less armour, physical overwhelm has no effect on you.
vpegrill6877: please continue the series for sure, i listen to the playlist on my way to work and wished there was more on the list
NezeruGaming: Is the use of AI generated b-roll images really necessary for your videos? The info is educational and informative as always but the the images aren't even related to PoE.
sunni6647: pf ascendency only affects magic flasks not uniques ;(
lifeloverNorris: GG flask for how cheap of a flask it is. Only weakness is mageblood and progenesis exist.
bernardopimentel808: I was exactly looking for this, ty nice work
epyjacek: I love this series! Please keep it up.
juanmarcano8700: do you think they are going to remake damage taken as elemental? usually when players rely or abuse something too much they either remove it or rework it, an i see everyone relying heavily on that, basically crit resist and 100% phys as ele.
NmEtwo: I love this series so much, hope it continues :)
jonathanmobley8033: Great video

May 22 2024

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