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[PoE] Harvest (not crop rotation) - Atlas strategies - Based or cringe? - Stream Highlights #844

FlameWarProductions: Another classic big farma post from my favourite farmacist empyriangaming
Delgarah: At this point Windows Calculator deserves part of the ad revenue
scandalfop2093: Also need to emphasize, this 15 div/hour is actually a much more liquid 15div/hour compared to stuff like Legion, Breach, Expedition, Blight etc.
Even after taking out all the <1 chaos items this is still like 12-13 div/hour and its all just pure currency in big bulks, not 50 trades worth 1 div each.
Nitroglycerin89: If you have been keeping all the data results, do you recon you could put it into a single spread sheet? Would be a nice reference to have when starting a new league (I understand things change every league). Cheers for making these videos
PequenoWiltord: Yeah the yellow boss is really annoying, it can literally go on like that for 5 minutes.
abdullahjsk9616: This series of strategies are so fun to watch.
Much love
liiiinder: Would be fun to also see a video on crop rotation with the imbued scarab!
MatteBlacke: Dat juice is useful and valuable but… I just don’t vibe with this mechanic. Something about the moment that you have to wait and the awkward clicking of the towers. Even thinking about going in there again and I’m like ooh noo.

May 09 2024

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