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POE 3.25 Settlers of Kalguur Is GUARANTEED To Have These Changes...

omegasybers1110: I will believe your buff predictions and DD nerf when I see them
slouch186: please don't put "99% confirmed" in the thumbnail if there isn't some kind of ggg quote directly saying that a specific change is coming. i thought there was news
dreamcore_gg: REWORK GLADIATOR
Shadyguy111: If they nerf defensive auras I really hope they put that power back in somewhere achievable by more casual players. I don't want to have to get crazy gear just to have normal defensive stats.
Fubgun: Nerf barrels
renediffie: I have just given up on melee and gladiator reworks. If it happens it happens but I'm not getting my hopes up.

T17 maps must be changed though. That was an unmitigated disaster. I am sure they know that needs to be fixed.
jamessunderlandseventh7410: Melee truly is and has been in a dire situation and GGG has ignored it for long enough.
FordMustang-gp5zu: another fakebait video.. just saw one guy post the entire patch notes
malekalghamdi1851: If ancestral totem buffs for melee isn’t removed and melee in general isn’t buffed i will be disappointed

Jul 10 2024

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