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PoE 3.24 Unlimited Budget Transcendence Armour Stacker Crafter Tries The Best Build In The Game

Bigdaddytehpwnerereerr: Best build indeed! GJ
H1ghenough: the duration tag tip is fucking massive ty
im6870: Damn, whoever it was in your twitch chat that suggested that tree pathing is obviously super smart
hardstyl100: Misha is goated, helped me too with armour stacker
joseluiscuervolopez-mora1814: As a fellow aurastacker i recommend:
Add energy leech support for no regen maps
Change faster attacks for momentum
Oriath End doesnt scale with your damage, maybe swap for another damage flask dabbler jade/silver of the dove etc
johnturtle6649: ha ha ha "and that is the last time I will officially refer to him as that" never change belty. But kudos for giving credit where credit is due. Respect.
Master_T_hyperplasia_papya: good boy belton good boy
time to start to play the game
kTeoo: the roll chances of 2 aoe veiled mods are CLEARLY not right, multiple times i've seen people need 20 tries to hit a presumably 1/3 chance, and from personal experience i've had around 15 veiled attempts only this league and no hit, a friend of mine the same but with even more... i would understand if these were rare cases but it happens so often and i'm not even only counting personal experience. Maybe it was 1/3 at some point, but i doubt GGG hasn't changed something in the roll table.
luc_xott: i still don't get how 101% makes you bleed immune
TheOne23_: other than flasks mageblood is the cheapest item xdd

May 29 2024

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