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POE 3.24 How Rare Is The Veiled Orb? Loot From 66 Catarinas Path of Exile Necropolis

carlos32195: Rip veil chaos, was such an easy way for non try hards to get good equipment.
KolinarK: I hate how they lobotomized the Betrayal. The reward of the board set up is like 2-3 scarabs per Syndicate member on average which is not worth the effort. I loved setting up the board, now META is Catarina rush.
hiimswiss2930: I've killed Katarina once and dropped the orb.
I quit that farm while I was ahead :3
borRIING: As someone who specialized in Betrayal last league, FUCK THIS CHANGE!
KenNywithrice: Regardless of the drop rate I would love Aisling/Hillock/Vorici functionality restored, especially the latter 2. I feel like no one is talking enough about losing the ease of getting 30% and 28% quality items post craft.
GE_Photon_Lord: I was always a fan of betrayal and kept farming it with expedition. This league I only did Jun missions just to unlock the crafts and that was it.

My initial thought was that is not worth running this anymore since it will feel bad to sometimes find a big jackpot, instead of getting guaranteed divines for each aisling board. However, what I didnt expect is to see the prices go up and up for the veiled chaos, to a point where it became so expensive.

With this in mind and this data you extracted, I think on average is probably the same thing. You get your divines delayed, but you dont have to worry about tft trading and getting to the boss is a faster process.
Again, this assumes the 25% chance, so if you do 4 runs ( 1 run = 3-4 divs each before ), then you get your veiled orb ( which right now is 1.8k chaos = around 13 -14 divs ). So you tehnically lose like 2 divines vs the old betrayal, but now it's faster and has QoL.
So in the end, I actually think it's better now for Aisling in particular.

However, the change I want to see is to greatly increase rewards in case you like to set up boards, because this was the thing that made betrayal BETRAYAL. The other rewards for safehouses feel lackluster. Plus the scarab rework kinda just nullified the whole concept of scarabs in betrayals ( you used to get winged ones in higher star safehouses -> "harder" = better rewards ). Now you pretty much get random scarabs and most of them are not worth anything.

So I think I'll start farming this mechanic again, ignoring setting up good boards for now until fixes come.
Powerkeg: 18 masterminds, 0 veiled orbs
juzovr5911: The diadem drop rate is such a depressing drop rate. Farming it in ssf is absolute agony. Finished my boss challenge and didnt get one.
ironsmith4927: I stopped running Syndicate after I did not drop a veiled orb for 30 consecutive runs (all after 3.24.1). Before the patch I had dropped 4 orbs in 25 runs.
JanjayTrollface: I have had 1 from 4 so far. But on a different note, either there are new situational terms/conditions/caveats as to how and where the veiled mod is applied on use or I am in the throws of an astronomical variance swing.

May 29 2024

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