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suddha1: This channel is so underrated that I love it. Keep it up Papa Jay!
WiecznieNieNasycony: exile your sanity just ends
batonglongme7554: Hello. Your video is very good, but I have a small suggestion. Besides the guides and build analysis, you should add a gameplay segment to the video instead of just talking the whole time, as it becomes very boring and provides little benefit. Thank you.
josephsmith7023: gah damn
20uhr91-gm9mb: Start a fundraiser for a new pc!! take my money!
Wrongusername2: You're missing pyroclast of sabotage icicle of sabotage which is basically criminal on Sab atm.
nicholasfigueiredo3171: Hello how do you get 2 socketed gems implicit? I checked poedb and craft of exile and that mod didn't exist... Is it some graveyard corrupt mod or does it need some type of special corrupt?
nicholasfigueiredo3171: Viridi's veil also gives 2 to level of socketed gems(any gem) and holy moly I always used viridi's veil Honourhome is now my league starter helmet for poison HoT pathfinder. Thank you UncleJay now I don't need to spend so many divines in a 2
chengxengyang: My computer can
berloga03: Dps?

May 26 2024

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