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PoE 20 Hidden Crafting Tricks and Features

garhong9125: Sick finger bandage man! Here's one from me: If you want to off color a 2H weapon or chest piece as the first step to crafting (so say you have a fractured prefix item to start), alt spamming for "The Worthy" (18% reduced attribute reqs; ilvl 32) or "The Apt" (32% reduced attribute reqs; ilvl 60) first will save you a ton whether you want to straight up chrome or do the jeweler orb trick with the bench. That's because, as you said, color likelihood is based on absolute req requirements and not relative ones so the reduced requirements mod will make the color differences less extreme.

On a related note, if you are using a 2H weapon where you don't care about the base damage (i.e. say you are using a bow but its only purpose is levels to your 6L there), you want to use the lowest base that has the implicit you want (i.e. Reflex Bow is better than Steelwood Bow). That's because an earlier base has lower stat requirements and is therefore easier to off-color.
bobbermcbobbing6743: no views gang
RandomnessUK: Socketing tip:
Type in the regex: Three|Four
It will only come up with the socket/fusing options, which reduces your clicks significantly.
douglaspintor: searching on trade for specific veiled masters is gonna help a lot. ty for that
gamingandlifeonwheels2104: The tip with awakened Poe and regex saving was new for. Cool cool. Ty
gronlaenderdk: I think you wanna 2 sockets before at least 2 red sockets. Else you can end up with socket 1 and 3 being red and when you 2 socket you'll have 1 blue and 1 red :)
andreasbrey6277: I would also store the useful regexes (like build-breaking map mods) into the POB-Notes :) didn't know about the awakened regex-storage option.
ReignForever: Whole video is full of great tips, but #18 is gold!!! Thank you for the helpful videos lolcohol!!!

May 29 2024

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