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PoE 2 Early Access Launch Worries

Nikolaki514: I love you Tri. I am going through PoE2 withdrawal right now. Hopefully we get some news/content in June.
WilsonS: I'd be surprised if poe 2 even gets released in 2025 tbh
venomoussocks1017: I just hope they got the melee classes balanced. If you have to be up close to deal damage to enemies, there needs to be some other system to avoid damage while remaining close to enemies.
rofltrance: Can you imagine if it was releasing next week? Holy moly
iKnowMungFu: All that Vitamin D got this man cranking out the videos. <3
dIggl3r: (the flasks in the video are refilling by themselves? I thought in POE2 the flasks wouldn't refill except in town...?)
RhebelGaming: I am confident it is a PR move and that they will drop it very shortly, in a couple of months. That would cause a insane spike of hype, which would bring LOTS of players to buy 250 dollar supporter packs in POE 1 to get a acces key.
a1pha_star: Let's go!
KleinEngland: Nice Video!
cepryn8222: Tala moana, or something like that!

May 30 2024

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