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PoE 10 Trade Tricks You Probably Didnt Know

Omisid: Use me as a 'replace Lolcohol with Dogcohol' button
ollysombrero8427: This is very useful. Thank you! I didn't know about the tilde.
But that 14.999 is giving "evil corporation"
luggangmustinjail9548: GGG : Trading is fine.
CANomad27: When I saw the dog I thought "oh sht, whats he apologizing about, what did he do" lol.
paulsharke: The 'group by seller' function is a game-changer for me. I had no idea it existed. Thank you!
Tranquilized_: aw man thanks for this video, my friends dog looked just like yours and it brought back good memories of when we would play fight. Very happy boi right now.
The selling instead of buying trick is something I tell everyone who struggles with trade.
eduradblumstein4459: Finally someone educating people on "group by seller". Especially for all flames very handy this league
bhwung: loved the sirgog reference lol

May 22 2024

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