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dervakommtvonhinten517: so if 40 wisdom scrolls arent the trash they removed, i wonder what they removed....
gidins: The Void? More like Avoid...
UCgBe3: Bazuka didn't have to murder that poor guy
RFdiamond: Stacks of cash burned
stiki3162: 36 seconds 1 view, bro fell off
r2Kd0ugernaut: ive poofed/bricked 67 nimis this league without a second thought, but for some reason the OG sin poofs still hurt me...
Awildfjellman: The templar gloves always knows what to do :D
louisbuss6068: I had as a goal to get an Original Sin this league. Must say i didn't even get close, but it really hurts to see these just go up in smoke
ceruleanorb: I've already watched all 13 mins and I can already tell you its a banger
dervakommtvonhinten517: how do you get a non corrupted 6l white socket?

May 26 2024

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